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How to Gain Weight – Tips on How to Get Fat

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How to Gain Weight – Tips on How to Get Fat

There are so many questions on how to get slim and have a wonderful body, there are hundreds of tips, hundreds of ways, technique on how get thinner, how to get skinny how to get sexy. But no tips on how to get fat how to gain weight.

Well I’m going to add one to the list of few tips on how to get fat and gain weight effectively, I tried this one and it works perfectly, trust me it works, but still it may depend upon other factors not all of these might work for you, genes, your metabolism and your environment as well as the things that you do in life might play a huge factor on how your body will react to this diet.

Well I was a very thin man before and there are times that I lose a lot of weight especially when I’m always tired and do have a lot of work, but it’s ok I can manage my time and recover from pounds that I lost every time.

Here are the techniques that I tried to gain weight:

Drink two glasses of milk every day, if you don’t know this is the method also that is being done by the a certain tribe in Africa where women consumed a lot of milk to get fat, fat is sexy to them so before getting married they have to consume pounds of milk a day. But if you are lactose intolerant this is not the option for you.

Eggs, a lot of eggs, more protein for your body, yes I eat at least 2 to 3 eggs a day, it gives energy, as well as well as good for your muscles.

Rice, yes it’s full of sugar and not good for your health, but try to consume a healthy amount of rice not too much but it helps in fattening of your body

Multivitamins yes you need it take vitamins that will help you have more energy, improve your appetite as well as boost your immune system

Eat between meals, have a biscuit or any other food in between meals but not before you sleep at night it’s not healthy anymore.

Exercise, yes but not too much brisk walking, just some weightlifting and other exercise that will be good to help you gain muscles and strengthen your torso.

And of course the last and the most important part, have a rest, relax sometimes don’t push yourself too much in working, avoid stress and have enough sleep.

Well before trying this method please consult your doctor first, my method seems unhealthy but it works for me, so please consult an expert first before trying type of diet.