How to Measure Cup Size Bra Size

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How to Measure Cup Size Bra Size

 There are a lot of question on how to measure a cup size, there are rules on how to measure a cup size, measuring your cup size is very easy with the help of tape measure you can measure your cup size accurately, just follow the rules below and see your cup size:


 Measuring your Cup Size

 Difference                  Cup Size

 less than 1″                AA

 1″                               A

2″                               B

3″                               C

4″                               D

5″                               DD/E

6″                               DDD/F

7″                               DDDD/G

8″                               DDDDD/H

9″                               DDDDDD/I

10″                             J

11″                             K

12″                             L

13″                             M

14″                             N
Instructions on how to Measure your Cup Size

  1. Get a measuring tape with your bust make it sure that you used the metric system measure the full body encircling it with your measuring tape.
  2. After measuring your body just below your bossom, measure your bosom then  subtract your bossom to your band measurement, see the difference of the measurement, for each inch that will represent your cup size.



Band Size: 32”

Cup Size: 36”

Difference:4”             that is  Cup D