Jacob Tyler Roberts Suspect in the Oregon Mall Shooting

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Jacob Tyler Roberts Suspect in the Oregon Mall Shooting

Two people were killed in the Oregon Mall shooting incident and some are wounded, the chaos that happened in Oregon Mall prompted the public to cry for more stronger measure against the issuance of guns to the public, the streets in the U.S seems like littered with guns as now and then people get shot for no reason at all not where to hide no place is safe anymore.

The suspect has already been identified by the police, the name of the suspect if Jacob Tyler Roberts, but who is Jacob Tyler Roberts what are the details about him? Let’s get to know the guy behind the shooting incident.

Jacob Tyler Roberts is  very young just 22 years old, armed with AR-15 semi automatic rifle and wearing a load-bearing vest and a hockey-style face mask  he opened fire inside the mall killing two people and wounding others, he lives in 7324 South East 84th Ave. in Portland and drives 1996 VW Jetta.

In his Facebook page he showed some signs that he is not in right mind and something horrible is going to happen as he posted  “Follow Your Dreams” and the word cancelled is written on it.

See pictures below of Jacob Tyler Roberts in police blotter

Jacob Tyler Roberts  bio

Jacob Tyler Roberts photo source: Getty