Philip Porter NFL Cheerleader

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Philip Porter NFL Cheerleader

Philip Porter the personality in the spotlight, he admitted that he was a cheerleader, Philip Porter live as a transgender woman for 32 years and now he is back living as a man, the media was shock when he admitted that he was a former NFL cheerleader and a topless dancer as well.

But who is Philip Porter? What do we know about him?

Philip Porter NFL Cheerleader

Alleged former look of Philip Porter NFL Cheerleader posted in social media forums


Philip Porter is a former NFL Cheerleader he lived as a woman for 34 years, her former name as a transgender was Phoebe and now back as Philip Porter. He is from Texas, and now living as a man to give himself sometime to decide if what his preferred orientation is.

Philip Porter NFL Cheerleader bio

present look of Philip Porter screenshot from interview by Huffington Post


Huffingtonpost interview –

“I was born male, and always felt more female than male as a child growing up, to the point of before I could talk, [I thought] ‘I should be over there with the girls in dresses. I’m over here wearing pants — I don’t understand it,'”