Rehtaeh Parsons Dead Bullied and Rape

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Rehtaeh Parsons  Dead Bullied and Rape

Another issue of a bullied teen ager, another issue of sickness in the society, it’s a sad news for bullied teen ager who got no support and justice from the justice system, she was allegedly rape, tried to call for justice and help but no support, not even from her friends only her family tried to help her but still the wound is deep that it ultimately killed her, she commited suicide.

Rehtaeh Parsons Bio

I hope the guys and those people who supposed to be her friends remember her, remember that they ruined someone’s life and may it hunt them forever.

This poor teen is Rehtaeh Parsons from Canada, a very active and full of hope teenager, she was raped by four boys and bullied on the net by those perpetrators of the raped, they posted a photo of her and branded a slut, with this constant bullying she can’t take it anymore and she tried to commit suicide by hanging herself from the bathroom. Her family tried to save her and she was confined to the hospital for last April 4, until her family took her out of life support.

This is very sad news, her mother Leah Parsons commented “The justice system failed her”.