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Carmelo Flores Laura 123 year old man Oldest Man Alive?

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Carmelo Flores Laura 123 year old man Oldest Man Alive?

Carmelo Flores Laura is said to be the oldest man alive, he was born 123 years ago according to USA Today, he was born in Bolivia, and they claim that he is 123 years old but the problem is, there is no birth certificate to prove that, as Bolivia don’t issue birth certificate till 1940.

Carmelo Flores Laura

According to civil registrar the birth date that was registered as July 16, 1890, he already outlived his wife and several children, only one child is still alive, this might the only proof that Carmelo is very old indeed, very old. He lives in a small village called Frasquia, if you want to ask if how many grandchildren Carmelo Flores has he has at least 40 grand children.

Carmelo Flores Laura cannot enter the Guinness book of world record as Carmelo don’t have the birth certificate to prove, but anyway with his 40 grand children and children that died already due to old age, his claim might be true.

So far according to the Guinness World Records the oldest living person with proof of birth ceritificate  is Misao Okawa, a 115-year-old Japanese woman. Jeanne Calment of France, who died in 1997 was 122 years and 164 days.

What do you think? Are the stories true? Or just merely a hoax?