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Derek Medina UNCENSORED Facebook Photo of Jennifer Alfonso Goes Viral

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Derek Medina UNCENSORED Facebook Photo of Jennifer Alfonso Goes Viral

But who is Derek Medina? What do we know about him read some information about him and see the facebook photo of Derek Medina below Warning (NSWF). Derek Medina, 31 years old from South Miami Florida, he killed his wife Jennifer Medina and posted a photo of her on facebook with a tag “Rip Jennifer Alonso”.

Derek Medina Jennifer Alfonso

He is a self published author of several ebooks including: How I Saved Someone’s Life And Marriage And Family Problems Thru Communication”.

Other books are:

Humans Who Are Gifted and Can See the Supernatural Spirit Ghost World We Live in Called Ghost Haunted Adventures

How a Judgmental and Selfish Attitude Is Destroying the World We Live in Because the World Is Vanishing Beneath Our Eyes Attention World Save Yourself

“I’m going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife. Love you guys. Miss you guys. Take care. Facebook people you’ll see me in the news. My wife was punching me and I’m not going to stand anymore with the abuse so I did what I did. Hope u understand me,”

See the screen here of the facebook when Derek Medina posted the photo of her murdered wife ( NSFW SCREEN SHOT)

The police are already investigating the crime… the facebook photo was already removed but a screen shot of the murder is now going viral online and posted in social media websites. SEE PHOTO POSTED ON REDDIT (Warning NSWF)