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Lebron James Vital Statistics

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Lebron James Vital Statistics

Lebron James Vital Statistics

Lebron James photo credit: h4-entertainment.com

Name: Lebron James

Birth Date:December 30, 1984

 Zodiac Sign:Capricorn

Place of Birth: Akron Ohio United States

Occupation: Professional Basketball Player (NBA)


Lebron James Vital Statistics

Height: 6’8”

Weight: 113 kg

Eye Color: Brown

Wing Span: 7-0.25

Shoe Size: Shoes: 15



More About Lebron James

Lebron James after his controversial change of team from Dallas to Miami Heat just to be with his buddy Wade, his sacrifices is worth is a the Miami won the 2012 season and he became the NBA MVP of 2012, the win and the award catapulted him to stardom.

 JAMES LEBRON MVP 2012 (Youtube Video)