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Florence Detlor Bio Stats

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 Florence Detlor Bio Stats

Florence Detlor

A photo Florence Detlor from her Facebook page

 Name: Florence Detlor

Birthdate: 1901

Age: 101

Lives : Menlo Park, California

Education: Occidental College 1932

Occupation: None

Florence Detlor Facebook Account:  https://www.facebook.com/florence.detlor

  More about Florence Detlor

Florence Detlor now do have over 4 thousand friends and as her popularity gain more, she is the top search on facebook as well as magazines and tv shows, she was declared by Mark Zuckerberg as the oldest user on facebook now with over 900 million users.

She joined Facebook last 2009, she was toured by Mark Zuckerberg, and Sheryl Sandberg, COO of the social network in the headquarters of Facebook.

Florence Detlor Bio Stats